The Roundtable for the Advancement of the Social Sciences

The advent of a super aging society has raised serious social challenges, as Japan faces an innovation stalemate, as well as legal, social and economic issues associated with the rapid advancement of scientific technology, such as artificial intelligence and robots. To resolve problems faced by Japan and the world, it is essential to strengthen social science research and related personnel development. Given the gravity of these problems, it is an urgent task for our country to drastically change the domestic social science research and education systems and build a framework for Japan to lead the development of global social sciences in the next era.

Concerned about this situation, we have created the Roundtable for the Advancement of the Social Sciences as a space to bring together all the wisdom of industry, university and government and develop measures to advance Japan’s social sciences, under the initiative of Hitotsubashi University, which has a long history and achievements in social science studies.

The roundtable conference holds discussions focused on the subject of “social science studies required by society and related personnel development.” Specifically, the conference will take up the following themes.

  1. Social sciences to resolve social issues (think of solutions from a social science perspective to such issues as a super-aging society and global health)
  2. Social sciences which can help revitalize the economy (how can social sciences contribute to promoting innovation and fostering venture companies?)
  3. Social sciences which can contribute to policymaking (promote evidence-based policymaking and develop future policymakers)
  4. Social sciences which can help bring science and humanities together (how can social sciences contribute to resolving such issues as social implementation of social technology, the spread of AI and self-driving car technology, and conservation of the global environment?)
  5. The strategies and organization necessary for the management of a university of social sciences (what strategies and organizational structure are needed to reinforce the financial foundation of a university of social sciences?)

These days, there has been a major change in the scope of research subjects to be addressed by social sciences, and the quality of personnel development expected by society. As the sole designated national university corporation among universities of social sciences, we will strive to capture social needs accurately through this roundtable conference and send messages on how forefront studies and related personnel development should be like.

The 3rd period (October 2022 - )

The 2nd period (from April 2020 to March 2022)

The 1st period (April 2018 to March 2020)

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