Hitotsubashi University is an internationally-recognized center of cutting-edge research in the social sciences, with a well-established record of contributing to Japanese and global society.

Research Institutes & Centers

  • Institute of Innovation Research
  • Center for Financial Engineering Education
  • Research and Education Center for Fair Labor
  • Center for Gender Research and Social Sciences
  • Center for the Study of Peace and Reconcilation
  • Institute of Economic Research
    • Research Centre for Information and Statistics of Social Science
    • Center for Economic Institutions
    • Center for Intergenerational Studies
    • Research Center for Economic and Social Risks
  • Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS)
    • Research Center for Health Policy and Economics(HIAS Health)
    • Research Center for Global Economic Systems(HIAS GLECS)
    • Research Center for Evidence-based Policy Making(HIAS EBPM)
    • Research Center for Regional and SME Policy (HIAS SME)
    • Institute for Global Governance Research (HIAS GGR)
    • Brain Research Center (HIAS BRC)
  • Center for General Education
  • Center for Global Education and Exchange
  • Center for Historical Social Science Literature
  • Mori Arinori Institute for Higher Education and Global Mobility

Research Projects

  • Joint Research
  • Sponsored Research
  • Conferences & Seminars

People and Resources

  • Faculty Database
  • Recent Dissertations
  • Institutional Repository HERMES-IR

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