Data Files (Academic Year 2023)

1OrganizationOrganization chart
2Faculties/graduate schoolsFaculties/graduate schools
3Libraries/joint education and research facilitiesUniversity Library
Joint education and research facilities

*Mori Arinori Institute for Higher Education and Global Mobility (Center for General Education, Center for Global Education and Exchange, Center for Global Online Education), Center for Information and Communication Technology, Center for Historical Social Science Literature, Health Center (Office for Students with Disabilities), Student Support Center (Student Advising and Counseling Office, Career Support Office)

4External fundsGrants-in-Aid for Scientific Research projects, commissioned research
Joint research
Commissioned projects, donations, donated courses/donated research divisions
Donated courses
5International exchangeInternational exchange partner institutions
The number of overseas travelers among faculty members and the number of foreign researchers accepted by the University
The number of international students
The number of students dispatched by study abroad program
6Social contributionHitotsubashi University Kansai/Chubu Academia, public lectures
Public lectures (former open lectures), mobile lectures
Councils, awards/academic prizes
7Faculty and staff members/students The numbers of faculty members and students
New undergraduate students by prefecture
Tuition fee, the number of degrees conferred, the number of graduates (total)
Post-graduation career paths, the number of scholarship students
8FinancesAY2021 financial results, AY2023 budgets
9Academic publicationsAcademic publications
10Reference documentsSuccessive principals/presidents
Professors and doctors emeritus
11CampusTraining facilities
Building/land area
Building layout (Kunitachi Campus)
Building layout (Kodaira International Campus)

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