Information About Our Education and Research Activities

(1) The purpose of the University’s education and research, and the three policies (the Diploma Policy, the Curriculum Policy, and the Admission Policy)

(2) Basic organizations for education and research

(3) Education and research organizations, the number of faculty members, and the academic degrees and achievements of faculty members

(4) The Policy on the Admission of New Students and the number of new students, the intake quota and the number of enrolled students, the number of graduates by faculty or graduate school, the number of students who go on for further education or start jobs, and other information about higher education and employment situations

(5) Courses, teaching methods and course details, and syllabus planning

(6) Evaluations on the outcomes of study and standards for approval of completion of undergraduate and graduate programs

(7) The premises, school building and other facilities and installations, and other matters related to the education and research environment for students

(8) Tuition and admission fees and other expenses payable to the University

(9) The University’s support services for students in their study, choice of career, and physical and mental health

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