Environmental Policy of Hitotsubashi University

January 20, 2022 

1. Basic Principles

As a university specializing in the social sciences, Hitotsubashi University has contributed to the development of politics, economics, and society in Japan and throughout the world and nurtured creative proponents of it. The University has adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a measure for gauging the progress of society in that regard, and is committed, in its quest towards the realization of a more sustainable world, to fulfilling its social roles of contributing to conservation of the environment and creating a more sustainable society. The University also continues to maintain and develop a verdant campus preserving the vestiges of the Musashino forest created over many years, and aims to create a more sustainable campus that will be even more environmentally friendly.

2. Basic Policies

(1) Complying with all relevant laws and regulations concerning protection of the environment and conservation of energy, Hitotsubashi University will strive to conduct its global, cutting-edge education and research activities in a manner that will have the least impact on the environment by deepening its understanding of environmental matters, ascertaining the full impact of its activities on the environment, and promoting conservation of energy and resources and recycling in the mid- to long-term.

(2) Hitotsubashi University aims to become carbon neutral and to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of students, faculty, and staff by conserving forest and green areas on campus, and accelerating the installation of equipment for high-performance and high-efficiency air conditioning and lighting.

(3) To solve the environmental issues facing humanity in various areas of society, Hitotsubashi University will develop educational programs to equip the next generation of leaders with the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve the SDGs and related action plans.

(4) Through initiatives to achieve a more sustainable campus, Hitotsubashi University will contribute to the conservation and improvement of the global environment by advancing ties between our students and staff on the one hand and regional society and local government bodies on the other.

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