About Our Education

Hitotsubashi offers a unique range of degree programs with the aim of nurturing creative-thinking specialists, passionate reformers who will act with reason and rationality, and policymakers and businessmen with leadership skills who are cultured, civil and open-minded.

Bachelor's Program

All faculties of the social sciences—Commerce and Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences, and Social Data Science—are open for exchange of credits and students are able to take all available courses from each faculty.

Faculty  Degree
Faculty of Commerce and ManagementBachelor of Science in Commerce and Management
Faculty of EconomicsBachelor of Arts in Economics
Faculty of LawBachelor of Laws
Faculty of Social SciencesBachelor of Arts in Social Sciences
Faculty of Social Data ScienceBachelor of Arts and Sciences in Social Data Science

Master's Program

This is the first stage for training future academics and specialists with advanced skills that meet high academic standards and diverse social needs. Our Master's program emphasizes coursework rather than the final thesis.

Professional School Program

We train talented individuals to become practitioners able to carry out incisive analysis, to translate analysis into action, and to think at an advanced level.

Doctoral Program

We train creative and flexible researchers to play leading roles in all kinds of research and teaching institutions. Hitotsubashi PhDs also play important roles as practitioners in areas such as company management, journalism, government and international institutions.

Classes conducted in foreign language, except language classes

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