Health Center

At the University Health Center, psychiatrist, internist, registered nurses and counselors are available to assist your medical needs.
Operation time : 8:30 to 17:00 Monday through Friday, closed on national holidays.

Health Checkup

In accordance with the Japanese School Health and Safety Act, every year health checkups are carried out and are compulsory for all students. The checkup includes a chest X-ray.

Health Certificates

Health certificates are needed for following: Employment, further education, overseas study, and to apply for scholarships. Certificates are made on the basis of yearly medical checkups and can be issued from automatic issuing machine. Depending on the intended country certificates issued for overseas study may require a strict immunization record. For this reason, applications should be made will in advance.


If you aren’t feeling your best and need someone’s help, please feel free to visit the Health Center. Reservations can also be made by Email.
If you need continuous medical care, we will provide you an appropriate external medical institution.

Emergencies, Recuperation

In cases of injuries or sudden illness, the Health Center keeps a stock of emergency medication.
Beds are also available if you aren’t feeling well.

*Your personal information is kept strictly by the law.
*No charge required to use.

Office for Students with Disabilities

Consulting students with disabilities regarding study-related issues arising as a consequence of their disability, and providing appropriate arrangements in collaboration with all related parties both on and off campus.

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