Kunitachi Campus Map

Kunitachi Campus Map

West Campus

1 West Gatehouse 2 Former Gatekeeper's Lodge
3 Garage 4 Administrasion Building

-Admissions Office
-Graduate School of Business Administration
-Graduate School of Economics
-Graduate School of Law
-Graduate School of Social Sciences

5 Annex 6 Josuikai Centennial Hall
7 Health Center 8 Kanematsu Auditorium
9 Main Building 10 Lecture Building 1
11 Lecture Building 2 12 Clock Tower Building
13 University Library 14 Center for Historical Social Science Literature
15 Institute for Economic Research 16 Research Centre for Information and Statistics of Social Science
17 Research Centre for Information and Statistics of Social Science Annex 18 Faculty Building 1
19 West Plaza 20 Isono Building
21 Faculty Building 2

-Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study

22 Institute for Innovation Research
23 Center for Information and Communication Technology 24 Computer Education Building
25 Residence Hall Kunitachi 26 Sano Shoin Hall
27 Personnel Division Branch Office

East Campus

28 East Gatehouse 29 East Main Building
30 East Lecture Building 1

-Mori Arinori Institute for Higher Education and Global Mobility
(Center for General Education, Center for Global Education and Exchange)

31 East Lecture Building 2
32 East Plaza 33 LS/CGE Building

-Graduate School of Language and Society

34 Mercury Tower

-School of Law
-School of International and Public Policy

35 Guesthouse Josui
36 Faculty Building 3

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