Joint use of personal data

The personal data of currently enrolled students, graduates, students who have completed their courses, others who have been enrolled at Hitotsubashi University, and Josuikai members are used jointly between Hitotsubashi University and Josuikai General Incorporate Association, the alumni association supporting Hitotsubashi University as follows with the aim of improving student services by enriching education and research and expanding the network of students and graduates. The personal data used jointly are appropriately and strictly managed to prevent improper handling such as loss, destruction, tampering, or leakage.

(1) The items of personal data used jointlyName (including furigana and the Roman alphabet), date of birth, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, student ID number, previous school, faculty / department / course, graduate school / major / course / program, course (master / professional / doctoral), year of study, class, seminar, date of entrance / graduation / course completion / unenrollment, employment information (industrial classification / name of employer), name of school, and study abroad information (name of university and coutry of study)

In addition to the above, the following items for Josuikai members are used jointly: employment information (name of employer, where seconded from, affiliation / position, address, telephone number, email address, and fax number) and Josuikai membership number

* The data which is subject to joint use while the student is enrolled continues to be subject to joint use after graduation, course completion, or unenrollment.
(2) The scope of joint usersJosuikai General Incorporate Association (the alumni association of Hitotsubashi University)
(3) The purpose for which the personal data are used jointly・For public relations activities of Hitotsubashi University or Josuikai (sending out information about events and functions, public relations magazines, publications, etc.)
・For requests for cooperation with various surveys and questionnaires from Hitotsubashi University or Josuikai
・For various notifications from Hitotsubashi University or Josuikai
・To confirm eligibility to join Josuikai
・To support the activities of Josuikai, such as annual meetings, branches, seminars, circles, clubs, etc. ・To fulfill other aims of Hitotsubashi University or Josuikai
(4) The name of the individual responsible for the management of the personal data Hirotaka Sugiyama, President of Josuikai General Incorporate Association
2-1-1 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

* Personal data collected from students and others by Hitotsubashi University are strictly managed, making use of internal systems, in accordance with its relevant regulations including the Hitotsubashi University National University Corporation Personal Data Protection Regulations. In addition, personal data described in the row (1) above are also managed in the database maintained by Josuikai in order to use them jointly between the university and Josuikai. Josuikai also strictly manages personal data in the database in accordance with its internal regulations. Josuikai has primary responsibility for the database. Please note that in case of a request by a student or other person to discontinue using jointly his/her own personal data, Hitotsubashi University and Josuikai will discontinue using jointly the said personal data. Similarly, requests to update, correct, or otherwise change the content of personal data will be handled appropriately. To make a request to discontinue using personal data or to update, correct, or otherwise change the content of personal data, please contact the section in charge at Hitotsubashi University.
(5) Contact information at Hitotsubashi University for inquiries related to joint use of personal data Representative: Satoshi Nakano, President of Hitotsubashi University

Section in charge: Public Relations and Outreach Division (tel. 042-580-8015)

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