1. A leading Japanese university in the social sciences

During the course of its long history, Hitotsubashi University has developed into a leading research university in Japan specializing in the social sciences. In Japan and around the world, Hitotsubashi University has demonstrated its particular strength in academic research that makes practical contributions to improving society. For example, Hitotsubashi University has been a leader in research on systemic reforms in public policy, the economy, and law, as well as in business management innovation. Hitotsubashi University places equal importance on basic and applied research, aiming to establish a suitable theoretical foundation that leads to effective problem resolution. All of Hitotsubashi University’s educational programs have been meticulously prepared to cultivate each student individually, and the University has consequently prepared many promising, talented graduates for society. The faculty is not only deeply involved in cutting-edge research but also closely works with students in small-group seminars of about seven or eight students. The greatest feature of Hitotsubashi University is the richness of its high-quality education. Students emerge from this favorable environment with the ability to identify and solve issues on the basis of their in-depth, specialized knowledge and contribute to social, economic, academic, and cultural advancement in Japan and around the world. Hitotsubashi University aims to be a world-class education and research center in the social sciences, continuing its esteemed tradition and history while pursuing further sophistication and internationalization of research and education.

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