Responding to a major earthquake which takes place on campus

Vice-President (General Affairs), Hitotsubashi University

1 If an earthquake occurs during classes

  1. All of the university’s buildings have been reinforced to withstand earthquakes. Since their risk of collapsing is low, please basically stay inside the classroom.
  2. Please beware of falling objects (even if the buildings do not collapse, ceilings may come loose, blackboards may fall over, etc., so please respond by crawling under a desk, protecting your head with your bag or belongings, and so on).

2 Elevators

 Do not use elevators due to the risk of aftershocks.

3 Outdoor evacuation locations

 If you are outside during an earthquake, or the situation inside is dangerous, e.g. because it is littered with fallen objects, please calmly evacuate to the following outdoor evacuation locations after the shaking has subsided.

 West Campus: athletic field, baseball field (west side of the West Campus student co-op)
 East Campus: tennis courts (south side of the gymnasium)


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