President Koichi Tadenuma Visits Partner Schools in UK and France

Koichi Tadenuma, the President of Hitotsubashi University, and Taiji Furusawa, Assistant Vice President for International Affairs, visited partner schools in the UK and France between November 11 and November 13, 2015.


The two arrived in the UK on November 10, 2015, and visited the University College London (UCL) the next day, where they exchanged information with Professor Nick Tyler and the UCL International Office regarding further development of student exchanges.


On November 12, 2015, the team visited the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and met with Director Craig Calhoun, who was invited to Hitotsubashi University’s entrance ceremony last spring. They later visited the university’s management school and exchanged information with Professor Sarah Ashwin. The same day, the duo participated in a lecture by Hitotsubashi University’s Associate Professor Hiroshi Shimizu of the Institute of Innovation Research as part of the “Hitotsubashi University & LSE Lecture Series,” a jointly sponsored program that has been held annually since 2012.


Tadenuma and Furusawa moved on to France on November 13, 2015, and visited HEC Paris, which not only is a partner school but also has entered into an exchange agreement with Hitotsubashi University’s Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy. While attending a luncheon with Dean Peter Todd and the school’s International Development group, the two exchanged information on the double degree program, among other topics.


Hitotsubashi University strives to further improve mobility within research and education by providing research that meets the highest international standards and by imparting more advanced and global professional education. We will continue to work toward globalization at Hitotsubashi University by strengthening our partnerships with influential international partner schools.


photo: UCL

November 11 With UCL professor Nick Tyler and Mike Winter of the International Office


photo: LSE

November 12 LSE director Craig Calhoun


photo: LSE2

November 12 LSE professor Sarah Ashiwin


photo: LSE3

November 12 Lecture by associate professor Hiroshi Shimizu at LSE


photo: HEC

November 13 Luncheon at HEC


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