To those who have been accepted to study at Hitotsubashi University and wish to enter Japan

The Japanese government has decided to allow new entries to the country by privately-funded students in stages, starting from 8 November, 2021. In order to enter Japan under these new measures, the university needs to make an application to the Japanese government, and students are required to undertake a strict quarantine for 14 days after entering the country.


Please first carefully read through overviews of the government announcement, such as the one below. After you have gained an understanding of the system, please wait for contacts(emails) from Hitotsubashi University. Moreover, it is possible that these measures will be modified again in the future, so please pay attention to the latest information.


[Overview of the new measures by the Japanese government (announced on 5 November, 2021)]

(1) Order of acceptance of applications to enter Japan


• Applications to enter Japan from international students will be accepted by the Japanese government starting with Certificates of Eligibility (COEs) created longest ago (those who have been waiting to enter Japan the longest).


Applications which will be accepted in November 2021: COEs created between 1 January, 2020 and 31 March, 2020.
Applications which will be accepted in December 2021: COEs created between 1 January, 2020 and 30 September, 2020.
Applications which will be accepted in January 2022: COEs created between 1 January, 2020 and 31 March, 2021.
Regarding February 2022 onwards, it was announced that “a decision [about which applications will be accepted] will be made taking into account the status of implementation of the measures”.
* The screening process takes time, so you cannot enter Japan immediately after your application has been accepted.


(2) Procedures necessary in order to apply to enter Japan


• Both you, the international student, and the destination university (Hitotsubashi University) sign a “Written Pledge” prepared by the Japanese government, and the destination university (Hitotsubashi University) submits the application documents, which include this Written Pledge and other documents, to the Japanese government as.
* This procedure will be carried out by Hitotsubashi University, so please wait for our contacts(emails). Please refrain from buying your air ticket before this.


• Subsequently, the Japanese government will issue a Screening Certificate, which you, the international student, need to submit to the Japanese diplomatic mission in your country in order to apply for a visa.


(3) Necessary measures after entering Japan


• After entering Japan, you, the international student, need to strictly obey rules such as the following.


1. You must quarantine for 14 days in a hotel or other facility (private room). It is forbidden in principle to go outside.
2. You cannot use a bus, train, or other public transport from the airport to your hotel.
3. You must install the designated apps on your smartphone, and report your health condition and location data every day for 14 days.


• The other rules are laid out in the “Written Pledge” mentioned in (2) above.
* The quarantine period for international students has NOT been shortened to three days in the most recent measures.


As explained above, it is forecast that new entries to Japan by international students will continue to take time. We at Hitotsubashi University will provide support with entry to Japan to all students who already have a COE and are planning to study here as soon as we have completed the preparations. We will do everything we can in order to be able to welcome you to Hitotsubashi University as soon as possible.

[Website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs]

[For reference] Immigration Services Agency of Japan: Regarding the denial of landing permission to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Japanese),


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