(To all students)Notice about our policy on classes for the 2023 academic year (Updated 8 May)

8 May 2023


For classes held in the 2023 academic year, we will continue to conduct both face-to-face and online classes while taking all possible measures to prevent the spread of infection. This content is subject to change based on the future situation. In addition, if there is an update in the future, we will inform you of the latest information on the university website. (Changes are underlined)



Points to note

(1) When holding face-to-face classes, the capacity limit for each classroom shall be no more than that for an examination room, and measures to prevent the spread of infection shall be implemented. Please be mindful of basic infection control measures.

(2) In order to control the numbers of students taking each course according to the capacity of the classroom, it is intended that registration for most courses will take place via online lottery.

(3) We will make it possible for some of the online classes held via on-demand streaming to be offered as “Other” in the Day and Period category, in order to permit students to register for several such courses, without being limited to particular days or times. We will also put in place a sixth period (19:45 – 21:30), available only for classes held via live video-streaming. However, CAP system limits are in place for both such types.

(4) Students who are unable to participate in face-to-face classes on an ongoing basis due to unavoidable circumstances, for instance, being prevented from entering the country due to immigration restrictions, or having, or living with someone who has, a high risk of complications owing to an underlying health condition, shall be able to apply for special consideration for their studies.

(5) Students who are infected with Covid-19 will be suspended from attending. If you or your family members have cold symptoms such as fever, “persons suspected of being infected with Covid-19” will be treated as suspension measures at the request of the person. According to the above if you wish to be treated as an attendance suspension, please contact the teacher regarding the class.

(If you are infected with a Covid-19, please contact the Health Center.)



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