President’s Comment on the News that Professor Jean Tirole Has Been Awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics

13 October, 2014

Professor Jean Tirole, who is an honorary doctor of Hitotsubashi University, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics on 13 October, 2014 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Professor Tirole has achieved distinguished results in basic and applied research in economic theory, and in particular in game theory, information theory and industrial organization theory.

He visited our university in August 2000, when the Center for Economic Institutions at the Institute of Economic Research was established, and his research report helped to determine the research direction of the Center.

Professor Tirole was awarded an honorary doctorate by Hitotsubashi in honor of his fundamental contributions to our university, such as his great influence on many of our researchers in economics and commerce as a specialist in industrial organization theory and corporate finance, and offering invaluable suggestions for new research fields.

It is highly significant and deeply emotive for Hitotsubashi University, as a research university specializing in the social sciences, that one of our honorary doctors should have been awarded a Nobel Prize.

We at Hitotsubashi University admire his deep insight and achievements that resulted in this award and the university as a whole celebrates this great honor.

Susumu Yamauchi
President of Hitotsubashi University

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