Opening Ceremony held for Mori Arinori Center for Higher Education and Global Mobility

The opening ceremony of the Mori Arinori Center for Higher Education and Global Mobility was held on Tuesday, May 27. The center was founded to conduct comprehensive research on globalization and mobility in higher education and to develop and support policies and strategies to facilitate high-level mobility.

The ceremony was attended by some 50 people including participants from universities and, as our guests, Mr. Hiroki Toyooka and Mr. Tetsuo Goda, respectively Manager of the National University Corporation Support Division and Manager of the Scientific Research Aid Division at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Professor Robert Wagenaar of the University of Groningen (Netherlands), who has been organizing and operating the European tuning network, Mr. Yuichi Mori, the great-grandson of Arinori Mori, the first Minister of Education in Japan as well as founder of Shoho Koshujo, which was the predecessor of Hitotsubashi University, and his wife Mrs. Noriko Mori.

Following a speech by Professor Susumu Yamauchi, President of Hitotsubashi University, Mr. Toyooka delivered a congratulatory address and Professor Kazuyasu Ochiai, Director of the Mori Arinori Center for Higher Education and Global Mobility, presented an overview of the Center. A new plaque was then unveiled by President Yamauchi, Mr. Toyooka, Professor Ochiai and Mr. Mori.

With Japan aiming to become a trading nation, Arinori Mori founded the Shoho Koshujo in 1875, believing in the need to develop global human resources by promoting and enriching business education. He devoted himself to the establishment of the modern education system by putting into practice various educational reforms in his capacity as the first Minister of Education, based on his wealth of international experience through, among others, his study abroad at UCL (University College London) in the UK. It is thus fitting that our new Center should be named after him as we endeavor to continue and further develop his thinking.

The Center will work to develop high-level global human resources in cooperation with universities and organizations in the EU and North America with advanced mobility plans, as well as in collaboration with our partner organizations in Asia.

Mori Arinori Center for Higher Education and Global Mobility website

Mr. Toyooka giving a congratulatory speech

President Yamauchi giving a speech

Mr. Ochiai presenting an overview of the Center

Unveiling ceremony
(From the left) Mr. Ochiai, President Yamauchi, Mr. Toyooka and Mr. Mori

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