(To all students) Notice about our policy on classes for the 2024 academic year (Updated 8 November)

8 November 2023


In 2024 academic year, classes will be held according to the following policy. If there is an update in the future, we will inform you of the latest information on the university website.


(1) Classes will mainly be held face-to-face, but for classes that are decided to have an educational effect, online classes or a combination of face-to-face and online classes will be held.


(2) For undergraduate students, the number of credits that can be counted towards graduation requirements in the bachelor’s degree program will be up to 60 credits for online classes taken at our university from 2024 academic year onwards. However, all online classes taken up to 2023 will be treated as face-to-face classes due to special measures in response to Covid-19. You will be able to check the number of credits earned for online classes on CELS.


(3) We will make it possible for some of the online classes held via on-demand streaming to be offered as “Other” in the Day and Period category, in order to permit students to register for several such courses, without being limited to particular days or times. We will also put in place a sixth period (19:45 – 21:30), available only for classes held via live video-streaming. However, CAP system limits are in place for both such types.


(4) Special considerations for classes due to Covid-19 (immigration restrictions, etc.) will end in 2023 academic year.


(5) Regarding suspension of attendance, those who contract an infectious disease stipulated in the School Health and Safety Act will be suspended from attendance, and undergraduate students will be required to notify the Academic Affairs Section. (For graduate students, please follow the instructions of each graduate school office.)


Hitotsubashi University

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