The President and a Delegation of the EHESS Visit Hitotsubashi University

On October 16, 2023, President Romain Huret, President of the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (École des hautes études en sciences sociales; EHESS) in Paris, France, and a five-member delegation participated in a workshop on the role of collaborative research in Sano Shoin Hall at Hitotsubashi University.

In 1997, Hitotsubashi University and the EHESS signed an academic agreement, followed by a student exchange agreement for doctoral students in 2018. Hitotsubashi University has since been conducting joint research with the EHESS, mainly at the Institute of Economic Research. To further extend such joint research to other departments and increase research exchange among young researchers, both institutions also held an online joint doctoral workshop in April this year.

Since many researchers from a wide range of fields at the EHESS attended this workshop in October, a joint session titled “International society in flux and the role of collaborative research in the social sciences” was held to explore new collaborative research avenues. Sumie Nakaya, Assistant Professor at the Mori Arinori Institute for Higher Education and Global Mobility, and Leopoldo Iribarren, Vice President of the EHESS, delivered keynote addresses. In addition, Yuki Miyoda, Specially Appointed Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Law at Hitotsubashi University, moderated the session, which was followed by an interactive exchange of views and opinions among the participants.

President Nakano of Hitotsubashi University and President Huret of the EHESS also delivered opening remarks at the workshop, after which a high-level meeting between the two institutions was held. Both presidents agreed that networking among their respective faculty members and graduate students is crucial for establishing more opportunities for research exchange (such as this workshop) and collaborations to obtain external funding.

Overall, Hitotsubashi University and the EHESS will continue to strengthen their collaborative relationship through future exchanges of doctoral students and researchers.

Workshop participants

Workshop participants (President Nakano, front row, fourth person from the left, and President Huret, front row, fifth person from the left)

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