‘A Round Table Conference for Internationalization’ was held

‘A Round-Table Conference for Internationalization’ was held at Hitotsubashi University on May 25, 2014, for the purpose of exchanging opinions on the internationalization of Japanese universities. Dr. Jeremy Breaden, a lecturer at Monash University, and President Norihiko Suzuki from Akita International University were invited to give presentations at this conference.


The program started with an opening address by President Susumu Yamauchi, followed by presentations by Dr. Jeremy Breaden and President Suzuki, after which all the participants exchanged their opinions in a friendly atmosphere.


The thought-provoking talk entitled ‘University internationalisation as a “human” challenge: Linking individual needs to organisational objectives’ by Dr Breaden was about how internationalization as university organizations and internationalization on the level of individual consciousness should be linked to each other. President Suzuki gave a presentation entitled ‘Human resource development for globalization’ and talked about his university’s initiatives in English education and study abroad programs.


In the exchange of opinions with the executives of Hitotsubashi University including President Yamauchi, all participants agreed that improvement of the English education environment is just a starting point, and that the full use of human resources and the promotion of study abroad are fundamental steps in the promotion of internationalization.


Dr. Breaden studied in Japan as an exchange student for one year. After working in administration at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, he obtained his PhD at the University of Melbourne. At present he is a lecturer at the School of Languages, Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics and the Japanese Studies Centre at Monash University. In 2011 he published ‘The Organisational Dynamics of University Reform in Japan’. His research activities focus on internationalization in Japanese higher education. Professor Suzuki graduated from our Graduate School of Economics, then received a Doctorate in Business Administration at Indiana University. After teaching at universities in the United States, he became President of International Christian University, and has now been President of Akita International University since 2013.


Photo: Dr Jeremy Breaden

Dr Jeremy Breaden



Photo: President Suzuki

President Suzuki



Photo: Exchanging of Opinions

Exchanging of Opinions (From the left side, President Suzuki, President Yamauchi, Vice-President Ochiai)


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