9. Excellent living environment and educational support to help international students enjoy a safe and comfortable learning experience

A wide range of accommodation is available:

  • International House and International residence halls are available specifically for use by international students.
  • Our Kodaira International Campus offers international residence halls that provide a home not only to Japanese and international students enrolled at Hitotsubashi, but also to international students from other Japanese universities.
  • Apartments can generally be rented in the Kunitachi area (where the University is located) for less than it would cost in central Tokyo, averaging about 50,000 yen per month.
  • Downtown Tokyo is a convenient 30-40 minute train ride away.
  • Kunitachi City, where the main campus is located, has been designated an official school zone.
  • The scenery on Daigaku Dori (University Street), where the University is located, is so beautiful that the area has been chosen as one of the “New 100 Scenic Spots” of Tokyo. Blossoming cherry trees in the spring and golden gingko leaves in the fall delight passers-by, as do the distinctive and elegant shops that line the street.
  • Beautiful natural scenery is plentiful close to the town, providing a haven for relaxation and refreshment.

Scholarship systems:

    Besides offering scholarships of its own, Hitotsubashi has partnerships with many private scholarship foundations and organizations which offer scholarship support to international students.

Japanese language instruction is provided

International Student and Study Abroad Advising:

The International Student and Study Abroad Advising Office provides international students with:  

  1. Easy, one-stop access to finding various resources and services needed.
  3. Up-to-date information and advice on living in Japan to help international students’ transitions into new environment.
  5. Advices and services to promote intercultural exchanges on campus, in residence halls, and with local community members

Language Community:

    The Language Community (LC) provides opportunities for international students and Japanese students to help each other in their language studies. Participants divide into several groups and speak in Japanese or other languages

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