2. Hitotsubashi produces future leaders of all areas of society under the motto "Captains of Industry"

Educational principle

Hitotsubashi University is dedicated to the following guiding principle of education and research: To nurture creative-thinking specialists, passionate reformers who will act with reason and rationality, and policymakers and businessmen with leadership skills who are cultured, civil, and open-minded.

Faculty of Commerce and Management

Instilling in students practical analytical and problem-solving skills backed by academic understanding, to enable them to be active worldwide in a variety of fields

Faculty of Economics

Giving students a specialized knowledge of economics together with a broad education.

Faculty of Law

Nurturing people who combine a solid, basic understanding of law with a rich character and a cosmopolitan approach to the world.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Producing graduates who combine astute critical judgment, rich creativity, and the ability to analyze and solve problems.

Graduates enjoy consistently strong employment prospects, with a high percentage passing national examinations

Hitotsubashi's Career Support Office provides students with employment information and career counseling.

Graduates pursue careers in finance (banks, securities companies, insurance companies, etc.), manufacturing, the service industry, trade, information and communications, mass media, public administration, and other fields

  • Graduate lifetime earnings ranking:
    2nd (OpenWork, March 4, 2021)
  • Ranking of the number of graduates who become listed company presidents:
    9th (Teikoku Data Bank, July 27, 2022)
  • Top ten companies where graduates found employment in 2021
    1. Rakuten, Inc.(30)
    2. PwC Consulting,Inc(15)
      Mitsubishi UFJ Bank(15)
    3. Nomura Securities.Co(13)
    4. Accenture (12)
      Sumitomo Mitsui Banking.Co (12)
    5. Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC (10)
      Marubeni Corporation (10)
    6. Nippon.Life.Insurance.Co (9)
      Mizuho Financial Group,Inc (9)

Hitotsubashi graduates rank high in national examinations.

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