3. A safe and pleasant environment in which to live and learn

  • International House and International Dormitory are available specifically for use by international students.
  • Rooms reserved exclusively for undergraduate/graduate students are available at the International Dormitory on Kodaira International Campus.
  • Apartments can generally be rented in the Kunitachi area (where the University is located) for less than it would cost in central Tokyo, averaging about 50,000 yen per month.
  • Downtown Tokyo is a convenient 30-40 minute train ride away.
  • Kunitachi City, where the main campus is located, has been designated an official school zone.
  • The scenery on Daigaku Dori (University Street), where the University is located, is so beautiful that the area has been chosen as one of the "New 100 Scenic Spots" of Tokyo. Blossoming cherry trees in the spring and golden gingko leaves in the fall delight passers-by, as do the distinctive and elegant shops that line the street.
  • Beautiful natural scenery is plentiful close to the town, providing a haven for relaxation and refreshment.

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