(To all students) Notice about 2020 Autumn-Winter Semester lectures (15 July Update)

For the 2020 Autumn-Winter Semester, only the following classes shall be permitted to take place face-to-face. All other courses will, in principle, take place via online classes. Please note that classes will start on Monday, 14 September, as originally scheduled.

Courses permitted to take place via face-to-face classes

  1. 1st year undergraduate students: PACE (with the exception of retake classes)
     * Of the two classes held each week, only one will be face-to-face; the other will take place online.
     Details will be communicated via the CELS educational affairs information system.
  2. 2nd year Faculty of Commerce and Management students: Seminar (Intensive Reading) II
  3. 2nd year Faculty of Economics students: Special Seminar (class for 2nd year students only)
  4. 2nd year Faculty of Law students: Undergraduate Introductory Seminar (class for 2nd year students only) , Introduction to Legal Practice (for Pre-J.D. Course students)
  5. 2nd year Faculty of Social Sciences students: Introductory Seminar in Social Research (class for 2nd year students only)
  6. For 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students: Seminar, Seminar(Liberal Arts)(including Sub Seminar)
  7. Graduate students: Seminar (including Secondary Seminar etc.)
  8. Notes

    (1)For face-to-face classes, classrooms shall be assigned so that participants shall not exceed a maximum of 1/3 of each classroom’s capacity, and classes shall be carried out after taking infection-prevention measures, such as ample ventilation. Students are to wear masks when coming to campus, and to stay away if they feel unwell.
    (2)The classes listed above may take place online on the judgement of the teacher in charge of the class.
    (3) Where circumstances make it difficult to participate in face-to-face classes, the university plans to take measures such as simultaneously livestreaming the content of these classes. Please ensure that you consult beforehand with the teacher in charge of each seminar, or with the Educational Affairs Division for PACE. Consultation methods will be communicated separately via CELS.
    (4)Where students are taking classes via livestreaming during the periods immediately before or after a face-to-face class, the university will designate a classroom in which they can take the online classes. The use of this classroom is to be limited to these students.
    (5)If a State of Emergency is once again declared or the university is requested to suspend classes due to circumstances such as the increased spread of the novel coronavirus, the resumption of the face-to-face classes listed above may be cancelled, so please check the university’s website regularly for the latest information.

    Hitotsubashi University

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