Letters of Appreciation Presented to Resident Assistants and Community Assistants at International Residence Halls

On February 16, 2015, letters of appreciation were presented by Executive Vice President Tsuyoshi Numagami, director of the International Residence Halls, to the resident assistants and the community assistants who were tutors at the Residence Hall Ikkyo-Ryo and Residence Hall Kunitachi (selected from among students at Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo Gakugei University, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, and The University of Electro-Communications) for their activities.


Resident assistants and community assistants are undergraduate and graduate students in charge of managing the residence halls and providing support for the residents with the aim of fostering a satisfying community life. They always deal with daily matters and organize events in the residence halls with this aim in mind and try to make the multi-cultural residence halls, where the students are of various nationalities, ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds, more comfortable as a living environment.


At the roundtable following the presentation ceremony, Director Numagami, Deputy-director Izuo Tsutsui (Director, Research and Development Center for Higher Education), Deputy-director Yuko Minami (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics), Lead-director Hitoshi Abe (Associate Professor, Center for Global Education), Residence Hall Kunitachi Director Koji Murata (Executive Vice President), and Residence Hall Kunitachi Manager Yuki Watabe each offered some words of appreciation. The resident assistants and the community assistants talked enthusiastically about what they want to learn from their roles at the residence halls.




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