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[Global Report] Removing the “Japanese language barrier” and providing a favorable learning environment for international students: HGP is facilitating the advancement of globalization

[Global Report] A tutor system for our international student dormitories where the students themselves manage the accommodations

[Innovation] Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study: Helping enhance the caliber and internationalization of social science research and nurturing researchers of the next generation

[Innovation] Beginning with the 2017 academic year, the University has decided to introduce a four-quarter school year, with the aim of increasing its international compatibility

[Innovation] President Koichi Tadenuma attended the 3rd meeting of the Alliance of Like-Minded Universities at Singapore Management University, December 11–12, 2016


I want to live in a place where I can enjoy life— I’ve never cared too much about my nationality.
Nguyen Phuong Bao Chau (Third-year student, Faculty of Commerce and Management, from Vietnam)

Changing tourism strategy from a global perspective, students in the Shibusawa Scholar Program (SSP) propose sustainable development plans for Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture
Faculty of Commerce and Management: Enticing Tourists Through the “Yonago Project”

[Chat in the den]

One of the few graduate schools that “nurtures global leaders” in business law
Bruce Aronson (Professor, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy)

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