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[Special Interview] University Management in a Global Era

Craig Calhoun (Director, London School of Economics and Political Science)
Koichi Tadenuma (President, Hitotsubashi University)

[Innovation] GNAM Deans & Directors Meeting - Leaders of World's Top 23 Business Schools Gather at Hitotsubashi

[Innovation] The Faculty of Commerce and Management "Shibusawa Scholar Program" A Report on the Shibusawa Scholar Expanded Seminar

[Global Report] Hitotsubashi University's Support System for Accepting International Students Accelerates Globalization

[Project Report] Hitotsubashi University Policy Forum: Administrative Response to Emergencies - Through Joint Eff orts of Jurisprudence and Economics


  • A third-place finish in the World Rafting Championship (Hitotsubashi University Rafting Club)
  • Importance of one’s university major and long-term career planning as seen by someone from a naturally global environment (Petr Klicka - Completion of master's program in the Graduate School of Social Sciences in 2013)

[Chat in the den]

Visions of an ideal society through an international comparative study of copyright law
Makoto Nagatsuka (Professor, Graduate School of Law)

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