Message from the New President

Becoming the Toughest and Smartest University in the World

Faculty Building 3 and Kunitachi International Guesthouse Completed

Faculty Building 3: A New International Research Center
New Addition to Guesthouses

Increasingly Rapid Internationalization

The President at the forefront: Building a structure to promote Internationalization

Assistance for Legal and Judicial Development in Cambodia

A Decade Spent Creating Autonomous Cambodian Codes of Civil Law and Procedure

Working out the World

From the Perspective of Assisting Legal and Judicial Development
Professor Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Graduate School of Law

Chat in the Den

Japanese corporations are good at making things but not at creating value.
The keys are organizational capabilities and non-functional value.
Professor Kentaro Nobeoka, Institute of Innovation Research

The Winds of the Earth, the Local Winds in Ehime

Keishi Ikeuchi, Cooperate Representive, Ikeuchi Towel Co., LTD.

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