Hitotsubashi Journal of Law and Politics


Aims and Scope

The Hitotsubashi Journal of Law and Politics was established in 1960 for promoting scholarly research conducted at Hitotsubashi University. Published annually, the journal presents original contributions in various fields in social sciences, including constitutional law, administrative law, civil law, commercial law, economic law, criminal law, civil and criminal procedure, intellectual property law, labour law, international law, international private law, legal history, fundamental theories of law, comparative law, international relation of Europe and Asia and history of international relation. The contents are aimed at academic researchers, lawyers or any other influential leaders, not only in Japan but also across the world.


Table of contents for each issue is available from the university repository system (HERMES-IR). All the papers in Hitotsubashi Journal of Law and Politics are downloadable in pdf format for free of charge from HERMES-IR.

*Available online only from 2020.
Web page of Hitotsubashi Journal of Law and Politics in HERMES-IR

Submission Guidelines

For AY 2024-2025

* Please note that submissions will be accepted only from the faculty members, visiting fellows, adjunct assistant professors (junior fellows) and part-time lecturers at the University.

Contact Information

All communications should be addressed to the Hitotsubashi Journal Editorial Office, Hitotsubashi University, Kunitachi, Tokyo 186-8601, Japan.



Hironori Mizumoto

Editorial Administrator

Naoko Tsukamoto

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