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Nurturing Intermediaries between Japan and France through Deeper Interactopm amd Exchange

Eloïc Peyrache (Associate Dean, HEC Paris (Master in Management Program) )
Koichi Tadenuma (President, Hitotsubashi University)

SIGMA : Societal Impact & Global Management Alliance

Promoting Social Innovation : A Global Partnership

Dynamically Combining "the Best of Two Worlds" through Our International Corporate Strategy Programs

[Classes at Hitotsubashi]

Faculty of Law: Joint Seminars with the University of Cambridge and Seoul National University
Associate Professor Kazuhiro Obayashi

Developing a National Base for the Preservation of Western Historical Materials

Initiatives by the Center for Historical Social Science Literature

[Chat in the den]

Helping law become a tool for conducting free economic activities
Hiroyuki Ogawa (Professor, Graduate School of Law)

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