Revising Tuition Fees to Establish a Global Hub for Research and Education

Hitotsubashi University will revise tuition fees for students enrolling in undergraduate programs from April 2020 and those enrolling in Hitotsubashi University Business School (HUB) master’s, doctoral, and professional degree programs from April 2021.
The University has implemented various initiatives to increase revenue and improve efficiency. However, to carry out large-scale reforms required to establish a global hub for social sciences research and education, in parallel with other measures to generate more revenue, the University has decided to revise tuition fees to ensure the necessary stable source of funding.
The funds thus gained will be used to further enhance the quality of education through measures including recruiting researchers in priority areas, and this will boost the level of the educational programs.
The University will continue to enhance financial support available to students facing financial difficulties in order to ensure that this increase does not compromise educational equality.

Details of Revision 

1. Tuition fee increase:
    Current annual tuition:  535,800 yen
    New annual tuition:        642,960 yen (increase by 107,160 yen)
2. Increase applies to:
    (a) Undergraduate programs: all four faculties
    (b) Graduate school programs: HUB master’s, doctoral, and professional degree programs
3. Enhancement of research and education through revised tuition fees
   Reinforcement of international competitiveness
   • Enhancement of faculties to improve international competitiveness of education and research
   • Enhancement of language education programs
   • Strengthening of international-level education through acquisition of AACSB international accreditation
   Improvement of the educational environment
   • Facilitation of global active learning
4. Implementation dates
    (a) Undergraduate programs: students enrolling in or after April 2020
    (b) Graduate programs: students enrolling in or after April 2021
Note: Annual tuition fees for undergraduate students enrolling in or before the 2019 academic year, and graduate students (including HUB master’s, doctoral, and professional degree programs) enrolling in or before the 2020 academic year will remain at the current level until they complete or withdraw from the current degree program. The revised fee, however, will apply to these students if/when they rejoin the same degree program or begin a new degree program.

September 2019

Message from the President

To Prosprctive Students and Parents
(Revision of Tuition Fees)

Globalization and digitalization are advancing rapidly in various aspects of contemporary society, and universities are no exception. There is a growing need for greater internationalization of research and education, and knowledge-creation and learning that cross boundaries between the natural and social sciences.
Hitotsubashi University regards such changes in the academic environment as opportunities, and needs to strengthen its capabilities as a global hub for research in this new era and establish a solid track record of efforts to provide high-quality education at international levels. One of Hitotsubashi’s key strengths has always been fostering ‘Captains of Industry’ who will contribute to society, through face-to-face education provided to each individual student by outstanding researchers. Further building on this fundamental strength, we aim to shape our university into a hub for research and education that will develop ‘Global Captains of Industry’ through fruitful education offered by front-line researchers active on the world stage. To this end, we need to conduct world-leading research with a strong line-up, and constantly feed knowledge gained through cutting-edge research back into our undergraduate education.
Specifically, we will augment our staff with more globally active researchers, improve student-teacher ratios, and further enhance our research and education. In order to establish the globally-competitive hub that we aim to create, we need to increase world-class researchers, including from overseas, and take other steps to further boost the quality and quantity of our faculty so that we can provide top-notch education, while also improving our educational facilities. Therefore, to secure sustainable financial resources that are essential to achieve these goals, we have decided to revise tuition fees for undergraduate students enrolling in or after April 2020.
Hitotsubashi University Business School (HUB) provides high-quality professional education in the aim of meeting standards required for accreditation by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), an international accreditation institution. The quest to enhance the level of educational quality is a perpetual pursuit. Maintaining AACSB accreditation and continuing to improve educational quality even after obtaining accreditation will require systematic activities including faculty development as well as constant innovation and improvement of curriculums. Since this type of international accreditation scheme is unique to business schools, revision of graduate school tuition fees applies solely to graduate students of HUB enrolling in or after April 2021.
In September 2019, Japan’s Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology awarded Hitotsubashi University the status of Designated National University Corporation (DNU) with significant potential for developing world-leading research and education activities. As a cutting-edge institute, DNU is expected to operate at world-class level.
Hitotsubashi University will continue to innovate in various fields with a view to establishing a world-class hub for social sciences research and education. We appreciate your continuing understanding and support.

Koichi Tadenuma
Hitotsubashi University

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