Sponsored Research

Companies outsource research to the University and our professors conduct research on behalf of those companies. We report the results of such research to the company.

Research on Japanese Investor’s Behavior

(Nikko Cordial Securities Inc.)

The Relationship Between Organization and the Problems of Localization and Standardization of Global Marketing

(Department of Research, Toyota Motor Corporation)

Research on Highway Planning System with User Pay Principle Considering Building Cost, Maintenance Cost and Environmental Cost

(National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management)

Development of Knowledge Management Systems

(Tokyo International Center, Japan International Cooperation Agency)

Research on the Effective Creation and Transfer of Upstream Inventions: Focusing on Co-ownership of Patent Rights

(Japan Patent Office)

Development of the MOT Program with Business Cases and Video Materials

(Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.)

Analysis on the Standardization Competition Between the Two General-Purpose Interfaces of PC systems, USB and IEEE1394

(Systems Research &Development Institute of Japan)

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