Hitotsubashi University 11th Kansai Academia Symposium?“Considering Abenomics: How Far Will the Three Arrows Fly?”

The 11th Kansai Academia Symposium was held on the theme of “Considering Abenomics: How Far Will the Three Arrows Fly?” at Shin-Umeda Training Center in Osaka on February 22, 2014.


The program started with an opening address by Susumu Yamauchi, president of Hitotsubashi University, followed by a keynote speech by Susumu Takahashi, chairman of the Japan Research Institute (JRI). Professor Etsuro Shioji of the Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Economics, Dean Motohiro Sato of the Graduate School of International and Public Policy, and Dean Kyoji Fukao of the Institute of Economic Research each delivered a report. After the reports, there was a panel discussion among JRI Chairman Takahashi and Professors Shioji, Sato, and Fukao. Eiji Ogawa, board member and executive vice president of Hitotsubashi University, moderated the discussion.


Approximately 170 people, including the speakers, attended the symposium. The weather was beautiful that day, and the audience included corporate and public institute employees, students, citizens, and Hitotsubashi University graduates. Many people asked questions. The symposium was a great success.


The next Kansai Academia Symposium will be held on February 28, 2015. Details will be announced on our website in due course.


Videos of the symposium are available here.

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