Joint Research

Joint Research

Our professors have conducted research with researchers from private companies on various common themes, and produced excellent research results.

  • Mass Transportation Policy and Management under the Distorted Neo-Liberalism of Japan (University of Melbourne)
  • Research and Development of the Electric Power Demand Model (Mizuho Securities, Co. Ltd, Industrial Decisions, Inc.)
  • Research on the Organization that Optimizes Inconsistency (Department of Overseas Marketing, Toyota Motor Corporation)
  • Joint Research on the Reform of the Corporate Law, International Comparison of Corporate Law, and the Financial Products Transaction Law (Nikko Citigroup Ltd)
  • Research on the Strength of the Sales Organization of Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota Motor Corporation, Global Marketing Division)

International Joint Research

  • The Reception and Creation of Law in East Asia: Towards the Formation of the Basis for an East Asian Ius Commune
    <JSPS Asian CORE Program>
  • Study on Asian Bond Market and Regional Exchange Rate Arrangements
    <JSPS-CASS Joint Research Program (JSPS Joint Research Project)>
  • Study of Frameworks for International collaboration programming in K12 schools
    <JSPS-Korea Basic Scientific Cooperation Program (JSPS Joint Research Project)>
  • Transnational care workers, state policies and gender dynamics in ageing societies: A comparative study of Singapore and Japan
    <JSPS-NUS Joint Research Program (JSPS Joint Research Project)>
  • Regional inequality and growth: Investigating the French and Japanese experiences, 1870-2000
    <Japan-France CHORUS Program (JSPS Joint Research Project)>

※ JSPS stands for the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

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