President Tadenuma attends the Paris U7+ Summit of leading universities around the world

President Koichi Tadenuma and Vice President Atsushi Yamada attended the inaugural U7+ Alliance Summit, which took place at the Paris Campus of Sciences Po, France on July 9–10, 2019.


The U7+ Alliance was recently established in 2019 under the patronage of Mr. Emmanuel Macron, President of France, as an international coalition of the world’s leading universities. The Alliance aims to engage in discussions as well as in tangible actions and specific commitments that universities agree to undertake to address pressing global challenges.
Sciences Po, a research university located in the heart of Paris, hosted the two-day summit that brought together 48 presidents of major universities from G7 countries and beyond. The Summit discussed five major worldwide challenges that universities should agree to resolve: the key role of universities in a global world; climate change; biodiversity and cleaner energy; inequality and polarized societies; technological transformations; and community engagement and impact.
Hitotsubashi University took part in the Summit from Japan along with the University of Tokyo, Osaka University, and Keio University.
In a vote taken at the conclusion of the summit, the Alliance adopted six principles. The Alliance also agreed to a regular summit. President Tadenuma was one of the six leaders selected to announce the adopted principles at a press conference.
The universities that form the Alliance will act to implement relevant measures in cooperation with other U7+ universities.


Group Photo of the U7+ Alliance
Group Photo of the U7+ Alliance

President Tadenuma to announce the adopted six principles as a representative of the alliance
President Tadenuma to announce the adopted
six principles as a representative of the alliance


【More information】
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