Alert Regarding COVID-19 Infection Prevention Measures During the New Year Break


December 20, 2022

To all Students and Staff:


It is thought that the spread of COVID-19 infections from the autumn of 2022 onwards may result in far more cases than during previous surges. Moreover, there is a danger that epidemics of seasonal influenza and COVID-19 may occur simultaneously. The number of new infections at Hitotsubashi University has been rising since the beginning of December. We therefore ask that you continue to pay attention to the points below and ensure that you act in ways which lower your risk of infection as we approach the New Year period.


(1) Please take the utmost care regarding behaviours which carry a high risk of infection, such as eating or getting together in groups or travelling. In addition, please thoroughly follow basic infection prevention measures such as wearing a mask, washing your hands, avoiding the three Cs (close-contact settings, crowded places, and closed spaces), ensuring good ventilation, and so on. In particular, there is a tendency to keep windows closed during winter when heaters are in use: at the same time as keeping an eye on the room temperature, please take measures such as opening windows regularly.


(2) For extracurricular activities, please strictly observe the “Terms of Extracurricular Activities” and “Guidelines Prepared by Each Organization”. Each person should make every effort to prevent the spread of infection, such as by avoiding activities which carry a high risk of infection, including eating and drinking together in large groups or over a long period before or after extracurricular activities. Furthermore, please monitor your physical condition, and even if your only symptoms are feeling mildly unwell, please do not participate in activities under any circumstances since there is still a risk that you may infect others, and ensure that you follow basic measures to prevent the spread of infection.


(3) Please consider getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and influenza before infections spread, and also getting tested before going to your hometown and on your return.


Please act responsibly as a member of Hitotsubashi University.


Yasuhiro Otsuki, Vice President for Crisis Management

Hitoshi Aoki, Vice President for Education

Tetsuro Inaba, Vice President for Student Affairs


Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

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