Alert Regarding COVID-19 Infection Prevention Measures During the Summer Vacation

To all Students and Staff:


On July 14, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government raised the alert level for COVID-19 infections to the highest, “Large-scale spread of infection continues”. Currently, infections are spreading at a furious pace, and the number of people infected on campus is increasing rapidly. An analysis of the cases of infection at Hitotsubashi University reveals that, other than infections at home, many of the infections were caused by dining with friends and extracurricular activities. To prevent the spread of infections during the summer vacation period, we ask that you continue to take the utmost care and precautions during meals, meetings, trips, and other activities that carry a high risk of infection.

When engaging in extracurricular activities, please observe the “Terms of Extracurricular Activities” and “Guidelines Prepared by Each Organization” and disperse promptly once the activity is over without holding any gatherings that involve eating or drinking.

Please act responsibly as a member of Hitotsubashi University.


In order to properly prevent the spread of infections, and to ensure that in-person classes can be held in as many courses as possible in the fall semester and beyond, everyone who has become or is suspected of having become infected or who has had close contact with an infected person, even during the summer vacation period, must immediately report that matter to the Health Center (042-580-8172) in the case of students and relevant department in the case of members of staff. Rest assured that your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and the University will not treat you unfavorably because you have become infected or have had close contact with an infected person.


While the Omicron variant has a lower rate of severe cases than previous strains, there is concern that a large-scale spread of infections may lead to an increase in the number of severe cases. It is also said that even infections among young people can develop into severe cases or long-lasting Post COVID-19 conditions. After the first and second vaccinations, the effectiveness of the vaccine declines over time, but the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing infection, onset of disease, and hospitalization against the Omicron variant are reportedly restored after the third dose of vaccination in persons aged 18 years and older. To those of you who are yet to be vaccinated for the third time, please consider having a third dose of the vaccine.


                  July 20, 2022

Yasuhiro Otsuki, Vice President for Crisis Management

Hitoshi Aoki, Vice President for Education

Tetsuro Inaba, Vice President for Student Affairs

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