Alert Regarding COVID-19 Infection Prevention Measures

To all Students and Staff:


As classes commence for the 2022 academic year, as many of them as possible will be held face-to-face in order to maintain the benefits of in-person classes and a campus-based education, with a limit on capacity set for each classroom to avoid the “three Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings)”.


Thanks to the efforts of all our students and staff, there have not been any reported cases of infection arising from classes so far. However, new infections have continued to occur within the University at a steady level, and this number has increased rapidly since the beginning of April. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is calling for a period of vigilance against a rebound, in which residents and businesses should prepare for a renewed spread of infections.


Many welcome parties and other events are typically held in April, and Golden Week awaits us in May. We ask for everyone’s continued cooperation in order to prevent the spread of infections. In particular, please take the greatest possible care when it comes to activities with a high risk of infection, such as eating together, joining in gatherings, or going on trips. Moreover, please avoid the “three Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded places, Close-contact settings)” and the “five situations” in everyday activities in which the risk of infection is increased, and continue to follow strictly the basic measures to prevent infection, such as wearing masks (non-woven masks are recommended), maintaining appropriate ventilation, ensuring that you wash your hands with soap and sanitize them with an alcohol-based disinfectant, and so on.


Where groups have received special permission from the University to carry out extracurricular activities, participation by people who are aware that they are unwell continues to be forbidden. Since it is also possible that infected people may participate before symptoms appear, or may never display symptoms, please strictly follow the “Terms of Extracurricular Activities ‘Important Points for the Prevention of Infection, etc.’” set out by the Student Council, and carry out your activities in accordance with the guidelines created by your group. In particular, since the risk of infection from eating together is extremely high, and this may cause a cluster to occur within your group, please make every effort to avoid high-risk activities before and after your extracurricular activities and thus prevent infections.


Please act responsibly as a member of Hitotsubashi University.


April 14, 2022
Yasuhiro Otsuki, Vice President for Crisis Management
Hitoshi Aoki, Vice President for Education
Tetsuro Inaba, Vice President for Student Affairs


avoid the 3 Cs
Prime Minister’s Office of Japan HP
5 situations
Office for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control, Cabinet Secretariat HP

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