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2011: July 23 (Sat) The 3rd International Conference



Keynote Speech
・President Haruhiko Kuroda (Asian Development Bank)
"East Asia's Economic Prospects and Post-Crisis Challenges "

Presentation & Comments on Sub-Themes
Sub-Theme 1: East Asia in the 20th Century - Historical Overview
Adjunct Prof. Shinkichi Taniguchi(Hitotsubashi University)
Prof. Kenichi Kasuya(Hitotsubashi University)
Prof. Yusuke Hayashi(Meisei University)

Sub-Theme 2: Quality of Growth and Governance in East Asia in the 21st Century - Common Challenges
Prof. Hiroshi Sato(Hitotsubashi University)

Sub-Theme 3: International Economic Governance in East Asia in the 21st Century - Economic Integration and Market Order
Prof. Eiji Ogawa(Hitotsubashi University)
Prof. Woosik Moon(Seoul National University)

Sub-Theme 4: Governance of East Asian Community - Conflicts, Reconciliation and Coexistence
Associate Prof. Nobumasa Akiyama(Hitotsubashi University)
Prof. Yoshiko Ashiwa (Hitotsubashi University)
Prof. David Leheny(Princeton University, Tokyo University)

Sub-Theme 5: Dynamics and Governance in East Asia - Private Sector as Main Actor
Prof. Tsuyoshi Tsuru(Hitotsubashi University)
Prof. James Lincoln (Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley)

Panel Discussion

Please refer to:
-Poster(In Japanese Only)
-Survey(In Japanese Only)


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