Center for International Joint Research (CIJR)

As a leading-edge research project promotion hub for domestic and international researchers, the Center for International Joint Research (CIJR) commenced operations in April 2002 at the Kodaira International Campus of Hitotsubashi University, situated in the city of Kodaira, Tokyo. In 2007 the International Joint Research Support Division was established for the purpose of inviting international researchers and disseminating information in order to further support its development. The Kodaira International Campus has facilities to promote international research and education such as the International Dormitory and the Kodaira International Guest House. With the benefit of these we will continue to support further developments in international joint research at Hitotsubashi University.

Message from the CIJR Director

As a main research center of Hitotsubashi University, the CIJR aims to promote international joint research in the social sciences by focusing especially on Asia, in close collaboration with domestic and international educational and research institutions and researchers. Since 2008 the three-year Hitotsubashi University Research Project on Policies for East Asia, gStable Development of East Asia and Japan's Role: Globalization, Quality of Growth and Governance,h has been ongoing with the CIJR as its main promotional body. We at the CIJR will steadily expand our role as the primary infrastructure for supporting international joint research projects at Hitotsubashi University.

Satoshi Nakano
CIJR Director

CIJR Research Themes

At present, the following international joint research projects are underway at the Center.

Hitotsubashi University CIJR Project List
Projects, etc.
Institute of Economic Research
Professor kyoji Fukao
Research Center for Information and Statistics of Social Science, Micro Data Analysis Laboratory
Graduate School of Social Sciences
Professor Yoshiko Ashiwa
Creating the A-bomb Experiences Archives based on the Social Survey Database as a Heritage to Humanity


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