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Project Outline

Project Outline

Hitotsubashi University established Hitotsubashi University Research Project of Policies for East Asia in 2008, sponsored by Mr. Hiroshi Fukino, in order to analyze and extract fundamental issues and structural problems in East Asia including Japan utilizing various methodologies in the field of social science and propose solutions to such issues and problems. The theme of the project is gStable Development of East Asia and Japan's Role: Globalization, Quality of Growth and Governanceh. The Project has been conducted by researchers in multidisciplinary fields across the university under the initiative of the Center for International Joint Research, which promotes transdisciplinary international joint research in the University and is headed by Professor Hiroshi Sato. Research results derived from the Project are not only to be announced in the research community, but also to be announced as proposals to the society and the government.

ËBriefing of the Project by Professor, Eiji Ogawa (PDF)
ËReferenceFgShift from Quantitative to Qualitative Economic Growthh President Magazine i18.8.2008j

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