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The alert level pursuant to Hitotsubashi University Activity Restrictions Index for the Prevention of the Spread of COVID-19

Based on the current situations, the alert level pursuant to Hitotsubashi University Activity Restrictions Index for the Prevention of the Spread of COVID-19 will be specified at Level 2 from 15th June. All Hitotsubashi University students, faculty and staff are asked to check the latest information on this website, CELS, manaba or HWP on a timely basis.

Level 2 from June 15, 2020

Education (classes)All classes shall be held online asa general rule. When it isnecessary to hold classes inperson, be sure to take everymeasure possible to prevent thespread of infection.
Faculty, Research activitiesResearch shall be pursued at home as ageneral rule, and research activity on theuniversity premises shall be limited to theminimum necessary. When it is necessary tohold seminars, etc. involving the physicalpresence of a group of people, be sure totake every measure possible to prevent thespread of infection.
Administrative activitiesContinue work on the university premisesbut introduce flexible commuting hourswherever possible, remote working whereappropriate and also ensure enough distancebetween staff members to reduce the risk ofinfection.
Meetings, etc.Meetings held in person shall be limited tothe minimum necessary. As a general rule,meetings shall be held online wheneverpossible.
Access to university premises, gatesAccess by non-university personnel will berestricted. Students, faculty and staff areasked to stay off university premises exceptwhen necessary for the purpose of takingclasses, research or administrative work.The gates shall be kept closed andindividuals entering the university premisesmust present his/her ID certificate.
Extracurricular activities by studentsEvents and activities involving close contactsuch as taking meals or lodging together areprohibited. The use of university facilitiesfor extracurricular activities shall beprohibited as a general rule.
Business trips, etc.University members are asked to refrainfrom taking business trips, etc. to epidemicareas unless absolutely necessary.

Notice about 2020 Autumn-Winter Semester lectures (15 July Update)

Notice about our policy on classes for the 2021 academic year (21 August Update)

Our response to the novel coronavirus (after the start of Autumn-Winter Semester classes) (11 September Update)

  • Contact information for test results:Hitotsubashi University Health Center (Tel: 042-580-8172)

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