About Us

I. Vision

Hitotsubashi University specializes in the humanities and social sciences, subsuming such fields as management, finance, economics, law, and international relations. Through quality education and research the University has produced numerous prominent individuals active in business and society in Japan and abroad and has contributed to the development of a society with liberal political and socio-economic systems. Drawing on the University's history and accomplishments, Hitotsubashi has promoted the study of cutting-edge social science research for the 21st century. As an education and research center with a worldwide focus we aim to provide theoretical and practical solutions to important issues shared by Japan, Asia, and other countries. In order to realize these aims we are pursuing three missions:

  1. Exploring and creating new areas within the social sciences
  2. Making intellectual and practical contributions to Japan and abroad
  3. Producing intellectually advanced individuals, innovators, and political and economical leaders

Hitotsubashi strategically focuses on Asian Studies in the context of a global society and places importance on the future vision of regional unity in Asia, as emphasized in the well-known concept of an East Asian Community. To realize this vision the former International Joint Research Center was restructured and new networks at home and abroad (such as the EUIJ Tokyo Consortium and the Hitotsubashi Beijing Office) were established.

The concepts of cross-cultural interfacing, international understanding, and international cooperation are essential elements in all our areas of education, research, and contributions to society. Hitotsubashi needs to emphasize the "mobility" aspect of these concepts rather than the "exchange" aspect to create an infrastructure for a broader, more highly-focused intellectual dynamism. Openness, mobility, and accessibility of intelligence are the most important functions that are required of universities by societies and the times. By endeavoring to realize these functions, the University aims to reaffirm its awareness of its responsibility as an "intellectual powerhouse", and to strengthen its international reputation.

In order to strengthen its position as a world-class intellectual powerhouse, Hitotsubashi University has created the following international strategic guidelines:

A Powerhouse of Governance:

  1. The Office for the Promotion of International Relations (OPIR): Reforming the University into a flexible organization
  2. Developing world-class staff
  3. Strengthening overseas PR and building the “Hitotsubashi University” brand name
  4. Promoting campus internationalization
  5. Developing a “safety abroad” system

A Powerhouse of Research Activities:

  1. Promoting international strategic concepts in research activities
  2. Expanding international research networks
  3. Improving the International Joint Research Center
  4. Promoting organic cooperation among research institutes on campus
  5. Extending the global reach of research activities
  6. Implementing a “one-stop service” for international programs

A Powerhouse of Educational Activities:

  1. Improving international recognition and commonality in education
  2. Developing study abroad programs for Japanese students
  3. Enriching programs for incoming international students
  4. Collaborating with domestic and overseas higher education institutions
  5. Sharing knowledge with and interacting with local communities