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Crisis Management

It is mandatory that all successful applicants of YROVP attend a Crisis Management Workshop (CMW) prior to their overseas visits. The Office of Global Initiatives held a total of five CMWs in FY 2010: 22 April, 13 May, 30 July, 20 January and 28 January. The Office will continue to hold several CMWs for YROVP Fellows in FY 2011. Each fellow will choose to attend one CMW that may suit his/her schedule.

The Crisis Management Workshop is delivered by Mr. Makoto Hattori, Director of the Office of Global Initiatives. Each Crisis Management Workshop is tailored taking into account the current affairs of the countries where YROVP Fellows are visiting. It also focuses on some generic issues pertaining to crisis management overseas such as quizzes on crisis management, tips to understand the security alert system of each country, crisis preparedness and information on security, suggested models of crisis prevention behaviour, security services for international students at some selected universities, and advice for adaptation in a cross-cultural setting.

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