Young Researchers Overseas Visit Program

YROVP Fellows 2012


(As of March 7, 2013)

Postdoctoral Fellows

Name School Position held at HU during the visit Institution(s) visited Title of research project
Kasimova DILFUZA Commerce and Management Junior Fellow Ottawa University;
London School of Economics and Political Science
Management Accounting Practices of Mitsubishi Mail Steamship Company
Hidemasa NAKAMURA Junior Fellow University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Cardiff University
Management of Japanese Corporate Sport Clubs: Case Analysis of Managerial Work in Track and Field Clubs
Yuki TANAKA Junior Fellow ESSEC Business School Feedback Effect in Corporate Environmental Activities by their Environmental Disclosure
Takashi KUNIMOTO Economics Assistant Professor National University of Singapore Bayesian Implementation: The Role of Money and Stochastic Mechanisms
Kei NANAMIYA GCOE Researcher Aarhus University CREATES
European University Institute Economics Department
Long-memory and Nonlinearity, and Wavelet Analysis for High-frequency Financial Data
Mihoko DAIGO GCOE Researcher Department of Economic History, London School of Economics and Political Science Population, Mortality and Fertility Trend of the Colonial India
Toshihiko AONO Law Assistant Professor Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford Détente and the Western Alliance in Lyndon Johnson Years, 1963-68
Sihyun YOO Program Coordinator Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University The Role of United Nations in International Norm-Building
Makoto TAJIMI Assistant Professor KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Some Aspects of the System of "Letters and Visits" in China
Kazuhiro OBAYASHI Assistant Professor Centre for the Study of Civil War, PRIO Organization and Behavior of Rebel Group
Koonsam IM Research Fellow Korea Institute, Harvard University The Political Logic of the Korean Financial Crisis in 1997
Fumiaki NOZOE Junior Fellow College of Asia and the Pacific, Australian National University "The Okinawa Problem" and the International Order in Asia-Pacific
Xiaofei LU Junior Fellow National Taiwan University Legal Regulations on Parent-Subsidiary Company in Taiwan
Yuan ZHOU Program Coordinator Tilburg Law School, University of Tilburg Establishment and Development of the Tradition in British International Legal Science in the Modern Era
Jingzhu YE Junior Fellow College of Law, National Taiwan University The History of the Reception of European Civil Law in East Asia; Towards the Formationa of the Basis for an East Asian Ius Commune
Hideto AKASHI Social Sciences Postdoctoral Researcher Freie Universitat Berlin Fachbereich Politik - Sozialwissenschaften The Capitalist State and Hegemony: Changing a Political Form Conditioned by the Reification
Motohiro KUMASAKA Postdoctoral Researcher College of Social Science, Fu Jen Catholic University
I-Shou University
A Comparative Study of Natural Thought and Environmental Movement in Japan and Taiwan
Jingyu PIAO Postdoctoral Researcher Department of History Education, Dongguk University Expansion of Rice Farming and Korean Migrants in Modern Northeast China
Nobutaka YAMAMURO Postdoctoral Researcher Universität Heidelberg, Max-Weber-Institut für Soziologie  Thomas Mann and Max Weber; Comparative Study in Terms of "Russia" and "Music"
- Postdoctoral Researcher East West Center in Washington DC Comparative Study on the U.S. Communication Censorship; Japan under the GHQ/SCAP' Occupation and Southern Korea under the U.S. Occupation
Noriko TERAMOTO Junior Fellow Centre d'Histoire du XIXe siècle, L'Université Paris 1(Panthéon Sorbonne) The World's Fairs in Paris and the Formation of Japanese Images; Historical Analysis of Interactions between France and Japan
Shutaro SUZUKI Junior Fellow Department of History, Temple University Study on Female Education in the late 18th Century Philadephia
Tomokazu BABA JSPS
Postdoctoral Researcher
Université Paris-Sorbonne Birth of the History of Philosophy of the 《Same》: Genetical Study on Levinas' Vision of History of Philosophy
Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Anthropology, University of Hawai'i The Creation of the Oceanic Collectivity through Art/s; Its Historical Background and the Network Making in the Contemporary Societies
Seigo INOUE Language and Society Postdoctoral Researcher Institute für Musikwissenschaft der Universität Leipzig Alexander Zemlinsky's Operas and a Change of the Opera in the early 20th Century
Michitaro NAKAMURA Postdoctoral Researcher Philipps-Universität Marburg Thought on Order and Infinity in Modern Germany

Doctoral Students

Name School Position held at HU during the visit Institution(s) visited Title of research project
Jia LIU Commerce and Management PhD candidate George Mason University The Quantitative Easing Monetary Policy
Yuko TAKEDA Social Sciences PhD candidate Universidad de Buenos Aires Tango Practices and Milonga Rituals in Contemporary Buenos Aires
- PhD candidate Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense
University of East London
Judo Practice and the Civilizing Process in France
Myagmar ARIUNTUYA PhD candidate University of East London Unpacking `International Standards' in Education: Integration Policy in Early Childhood Education Reform of UK
Haruko KUDO PhD candidate Department of Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley Asylum Application and Sexuality in the United States: A Comparative Research of New York City and San Francisco