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International Joint Research Center was established in April 2002 at Kodaira International Campus in Kodaira City, Tokyo, in order to support both Japanese and international researchers who jointly work for the innovative research projects.

Kodaira Campus itself offers a wonderful research environment for foreign researchers and students. Several buildings in Kodaira Campus such as a sports center, “Josui Sports Plaza”, and Cafeteria were built by the donation of Josui-kai, the alumni of Hitotsubashi, having deep understanding towards the long term goal of the university.

At present, International Joint Research Center is the core of the international Asian studies, and aims at pursuing international joint research projects under close mutual cooperation among related national and international institutes, centers, and organizations. Particularly through comprehensive research focusing on social and human sciences, the center has contributed to create international academic research at Hitotsubashi. The center is aiming to enhance the quality of education and research, and intends to contribute to the further progress in advanced research in the international academic world.

In 2007 “Support Office for International Joint Research” was established at Kunitachi campus under the supervision of the International Joint Research Center. The Office professionally engages in support activities for invited international researchers at Hitotsubashi University and offers the information of our international joint researches.

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Director’s Message

The main purpose of the International Joint Research Center is to enhance the quality of education and research at the university as well as to contribute to improvement and creation of international academic research through comprehensive research focusing on social and human sciences.
The Center is challenging to strengthen the relationship with educational and research institutions and organizations of the world through the collaborate projects of our international working group and establish a new research center to conduct research on long-term international strategies of various social sciences topics including Asia-related matters from a global perspective.

International Joint Research Center

Research Projects

We are conducting following research projects at the Research Joint Research Center.

Project Affiliation Project Leader Project Title
1 Institute of Economic Research Professor YASUDA,Satoshi Research Centre for Information and Statistics of Social Science, Micro Data Analysis section
2 Graduate School of Commerce and Management Professor OGAWA, Eiji Regional Financial Architecture in East Asia
3 Graduate School of Economics Professor SATO, Hiroshi Globalization and Economic Change in Asia
4 Graduate School of Faculty of Law Professor MORIMURA, Susumu An Interdisciplinary Research of "Contract"

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