Health Center

At the University Health Center, internal doctors, psychiatrist , registered nurses, registered dietician,and counselors are available to assist your medical needs. The Health Center is open 8:30 to 17:00 Monday through Friday (Closed on weekends, national and university holidays).

Information from the Helth center

Health Examinations

It is essential to find and to treat illnesses or health problems as soon as possible. Therefore it is important to undergo periodical health examinations and to know the state of your own health. At this center, in accordance with the School Health and Safety Act, every spring and autumn health checkups are carried out and are compulsory for all students. The examination includes a chest x-ray, a physical examination (height, weight), an eyesight test, urinalysis, blood pressure test and a health survey. New first year students are also required to have an interview with one of the participating doctors.

Health Certificates

Medical certificates are issued by the Health Center and are needed for the following: Employment, further education, overseas study, and to apply for scholarships. Certificates are made on the basis of yearly medical examinations and will not be issued to students who do not undergo these checkups.

Emergencies, Recuperation

In cases of injuries or sudden illness, the Health Center keeps a stock of emergency medication. Beds are also available if you aren't feeling well.

Student Counseling, Health Counseling

If you aren't feeling your best or just need someone to talk to, please feel free to visit the Health Center. Reservations can also be made by sending Email to the Health Center:
When continuing treatment or in cases where treatment cannot be provided by the Health Center, we can provide contact for appropriate institutions.
As stated previously, privacy is strictly protected.

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